Have you spilled coffee on your new white top? Did your best shop mechanic track in grease all over the new office carpet? You need a product that works. You need White Wizard® All-Purpose Stain Remover.

If you are living, you have stains in your home or shop. Stains never look good and can ruin a first impression. Everyone wants a way to make stains take a back seat. White Wizard® is your solution. For over 30 years, people have trusted White Wizard® All-Purpose Stain Remover to restore what stains have ruined.

Take back your wardrobe and save yourself some money. How many times have you thrown clothes in the garbage because you thought they were hopeless? Allow White Wizard® All-Purpose Stain Remover to come to the rescue. Looking for a basket or throw rug to cover the wine stain on the carpet? You need a wizard, a stain wizard.

What Makes White Wizard® All-Purpose Stain Remover​ Different?

White Wizard® All-Purpose Stain Remover is safe to use around children and pets. It is ideal for household use because it is odorless, non-toxic and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Free from bleach, petroleum, and parabens, White Wizard® is safe to use on any surface or fabric.

See how White Wizard® came through for Karen Little.

“I’ve used White Wizard for many years, and I believe it’s truly the best spot remover available. I’ve used plenty of other brand-name products, but none has proven as consistent as White Wizard. Although I’ve used it countless times on an array of stains, now and then, a spot causes me some hesitation. A recent opportunity proved (again) that White Wizard gets the job done: on a canine whim, my husky pup decided to eat a random blue ink pen. Of course, this blue pen-chewing occurred on my light beige carpet in several large blotchy places. I was content to let her look like a smurf until it wore off, but my carpet was another matter. I grabbed the White Wizard, a toothbrush, a scrub brush, and set to it. Cleaning took a bit more elbow grease than dealing with laundry stains, but White Wizard did the trick. It’s all I need for any stain campaign.”

Available as a paste or as a spray, have your White Wizard® handy, so next time it can eliminate your stain disaster.


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