What Makes White Wizard® All-Purpose Stain Remover​ Different?

Just spilled coffee all over your new white dress? Did your top shop mechanic track grease all over the new carpet in the office? You need a product that WORKS. You need White Wizard® All-Purpose Stain Remover.

If you are living, you have stains in your home, car, or shop. Stains never look good and can ruin a first impression. Everyone wants a way to make stains take a back seat. White Wizard® is your solution. For over 30 years, people have trusted White Wizard® All-Purpose Stain Remover to restore what stains have ruined.

What Sets It Apart?

White Wizard® All-Purpose Stain Remover is safe to use around children and pets. It is ideal for household use because it is odorless, non-toxic, and does not contain any harmful chemicals. White Wizard® is safe to use on any surface or fabric, free from bleach, petroleum, and parabens.

Take back your wardrobe and save yourself some money. How many times have you thrown clothes in the garbage because you thought they were hopeless? Allow White Wizard® All-Purpose Stain Remover to come to the rescue. Looking for a basket or throw rug to cover the wine stain on the carpet? You need a wizard, a stain wizard.

How White Wizard® has Come Through for Others 

“My family loves White Wizard and have found it to work so much better than any other stain remover that we’ve used. So much so that our daughter – a college freshman – insisted that she have her own supply to take to college! We highly recommend White Wizard – we know from experience that it removes wine and other tough stains on clothes and table linens. It even works wonders on those sneaky stains that made it through one wash/dry cycle before they noticed them!” ~Wendy Johnson

“I have this nice white turtleneck top that I love. My dog decided to chew one of his dog bones on top of it and left a bad stain on the white top. I took it to the dry cleaners several times to get the stains out of the top without any luck. I had the top for years, still with the stains, hoping that I could find something that would get the stains out one day. On top of the dog bone stains, somehow, purple marker got on the top as well. I thought the top was a goner for sure. As a last attempt, when I discovered White Wizard, I gave it a try, and it WORKED! It got ALL stains out when nothing else would! I was truly amazed!” ~Courtney Backus

Thank you, Wendy and Courtney, for the awesome reviews. We are delighted White Wizard® came to the rescue. Available as a paste or a convenient spray, have your White Wizard® handy so that it can eliminate your stain disaster next time.

The White Wizard® All-Purpose Stain Remover​ Difference

White Wizard® removes stains like magic to remove tough stains from clothes, upholstery, carpet, and more. Experience the White Wizard® All-Purpose Stain Remover​ difference. Shop now!