Give the Gift of Clean

Are you looking for practical gift ideas? A White Wizard® All Purpose Stain Remover can make a delightful holiday present, especially if presented well and matched to a person’s interests. We’ve compiled a few ideas for your loved ones who might appreciate the gift of clean this holiday season.

Baby laundry basket

Do you know somebody with a newborn or who is expecting? A great idea would be to put together a basket of baby-friendly laundry supplies. As the new parents coo over their baby, they’re not thinking about the imminent blowouts and baby formula stains, which, as the baby grows, eventually lead to grass stains and juice spills. White Wizard® All Purpose Stain Remover will let the parents worry about more important things than stains. 

Wine Lovers Package

White Wizard® All Purpose Stain Remover can quickly remove red wine stains. It also works on other hard-to-remove red stains, such as cranberry and pomegranate. It’s an excellent gift for the red wine drinker in your life. A good touch is to “pair it” with a bottle of wine.

Moving to a new home

If a family member or friend is moving to a new home this winter, you know they are about to undergo a thorough cleaning of their old place as well as their new one. A basket of paper towels, rubber gloves, WD-40, and White Wizard® All Purpose Stain Remover is a thoughtful gift, especially if accompanied by an offer to pack a few boxes.

College Students

Although probably not first on their wish list, college students and soon-to-be graduating high school seniors would appreciate a basket of practical dorm and apartment supplies. Consider a package of cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, and stain removers as an acknowledgment of their independence (and tight budgets).


How do children learn to love cleaning? By playing! These playsets are a darling gift for the nephews and nieces. Believe us. Their parents will thank you for encouraging their little ones to think of cleaning as fun. As a bonus, you’ll likely receive adorable photos of tiny people holding mops and brooms.

Because White Wizard® Stain Remover does not contain any bleach, petroleum, parabens, or harmful chemicals, it is safe to apply on any surface or fabric and use around children and pets.

Let us know if you think of any other good gift ideas for giving the gift of clean this holiday season!