Sometimes your average laundry detergent isn’t enough when it comes to fighting tough stains. Get creative with your laundry and cleaning routine by using White Wizard® Stain Remover to help clean your sports jerseys, ties, baby’s diapers, blinds, and more. Here are five creative ways to use White Wizard® Stain Remover.

5 Ways to Use White Wizard® Stain Remover


If you (or someone in your house) exercises a lot, your workout shirts and sports jerseys may become stiff and yellow under the arms. Don’t throw the shirts away! If perspiration has changed the color of the fabric, apply ammonia to fresh stains or white vinegar to old stains; rinse. Then use White Wizard® Stain Remover and a bristle brush to work out the stain. Launder using the hottest water safe for that fabric.

Pro Tip: Keep a hard bristle toothbrush taped to the side of the bottle or tub of White Wizard® Stain Remover for application/scrubbing purposes.

Cloth Diaper Stains

Use sunlight to help remove diaper stains. Pretreat stains with White Wizard® Stain Remover and launder as usual. Place the freshly washed cloth diapers (still wet) into the direct sunlight. The sun will help to further bleach the cloth and lighten the fabric.

Bicycle Grease

Have you ever had your pants or skirt caught in your bicycle chain? It’s covered in black grease marks when you pull out the fabric. Bicycle grease is stubborn. Pretreat the fabric with White Wizard® Stain Remover for at least thirty minutes. Launder. You might need to repeat it.

Silk Ties

Do your silk ties have some sort of food or wine stain? First, pretreat with White Wizard® Stain Remover for approximately thirty minutes. Then try gentle handwashing. Don’t rub or wring the tie, or you could damage the fabric. To preserve the color, you can soak in a solution of two teaspoons of white vinegar with 100 oz. of water. Then roll in a clean, dry towel to get the excess water out. Use a warm iron while still damp.


Are your blinds stained with grime? Take them down, place them in the bathtub with a scoop of White Wizard® Stain Remover paste. Wipe them down, and they’ll come out sparkling.

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